Friday, June 13, 2014

Cozumel-- Uncompromisingly Beautiful

Wouldn't you love to feel  like you are on your very own 'mini-leg' of the Amazing Race?  Scurrying through a congested international airport to jump in an awaiting taxi that will whisk you off to a large ferry--  After navigating the tumultuous waters off the Caribbean Sea, finding yourself in a charming town square, where you must then locate another shuttle bus which will transport you to the final destination-- the resort.

Well, no 'pit stops' on this journey of a lifetime, the sheer adventure of getting to Cozumel, Mexico will bring every couple or family closer together-- After all, relying on each other's resourcefulness and cleverness will bring out the best in any relationship.
The small island of Cozumel, located a short distance off the Yucatan Peninsula is understandably touted as one of the World's Safest as well as...Greatest Diving Destinations. The Mexican locals take great pride in keeping with past generations- dutifully upholding the hospitality values and virtues with which they were raised. This trustworthiness gives any sophisticated traveler piece of mind .
It's certainly worth the extra effort and energy to get there... Cozumel is very reasonably priced, serene and uncompromisingly beautiful. With water so transparent and calm, even the waves in Cozumel are too lazy to lap... up on the beach.
Getting There--
By now, I am sure all of you have signed up and armed yourselves with a US Airways credit card--  Which of course will enabling free passage anywhere inside the continental US, and Caribbean... For an additional $99 you can bring along your favorite travel companion-- who wouldn't want to pass up a free Standby Flight to Cozumel. With all the money you will save on airfare, you will be able to reinvest in the resort's scuba package.
Always remember mis amigos, Passport Required-- Do not forget them and get left behind.
When the Boat is a Rockin'
Sit near the back or near an open access on the choppy, forty-five minute Water Jet to Cozumel... Unfortunately, we all know what can happen on ferries and it is better to be safe than sorry. Besides, the fresh air will do you good-- although you still may want to bring along some Dramamine in an effort to combat motion sickness--
Olympus Tours--
On the 'shared transfer' shuttle ride from Cancun International Airport to the Playa del Carmen Ferry--  Drivers are all business and that means-- no stops.  No bathroom breaks, no convenient store,  no sodas, chips or even cervezas -- so make your precautions before you embark on your journey to the exclusive island community.
A Tale of Two Resorts--
'Everything... All the Time'
Nestled on a secluded stretch of beach-- a rarity on the small Island-- is the romantic and upscale Occidental Grand, Cozumel. This elegant resort is located on the island's western side, which translates to tranquil and crystal clear waters... ideal for taking a dip, snorkeling  and soaking up the sun.
This striking all inclusive property has a quiet and private 'feel' to each building... almost as if you've been swept away to your very own tropical oasis. You may want to familiarize yourself with the resorts grounds or risk getting lost a time or two on the way to the pool or one of the many fine dining facilities.
Although you are on vacation, as we all know serious Scuba Divers tend to keep a tight schedule-- so you will most assuredly appreciate the resort provided, Dive Coordinator- a guest liaison that will help keep you abreast of all the daily dive activities and the resort happenings.
The Occidental Grand is considered by many, to be the island 's most convenient location for diving, as a majority of Cozumel's best dive sights are located minutes from the property's pier--  As an added foresight, there's also an Onsite Paramedic in the event of any emergency.
A Community of Divers
For a more budget conscious and family-type atmosphere on your Dive-cation,  consider booking your stay at the neighboring Allegro Cozumel. This sister property to the Occidental Grand maintains the same high quality of cleanliness, fine dining and wide-ranging amenities.
The thatched roofs lend the buildings an authentic Mayan-esque feel to your island vacation.. The spacious and somewhat dated rooms are comfortable, but lack the stylishness at the Occidental Grand, Cozumel. Sure the phone or internet connection might be spotty at times, but when you are on a getaway of this magnitude-- is that really a bad thing?
The Allegro Cozumel takes your Diving Experience to a whole new-- 'Ultimate' level... Not only are you granted access to the same proficient Dive Coordinator, as the Occidental Grand... but their affordable scuba diving package is complete with deluxe rooms-- a posh divers-only lounge, free boat dives and even a private pool. Talk about the personal 'divers' touch.
The Vail of all Dive Sites

Cozumel is the Perfect Diving experience for scuba divers of all levels. We are talking something for everyone, Easy Diving-- Shallow Reef-- Mountains of Coral -- Mysterious Shipwrecks-- Wall Dives... do I need to go on?
You slowly descend into the pristine water and then effortlessly drift, letting  the underwater current do the all work, as you are swept past a myriad of beautiful sights.
The fish have such distinctive personalities-- There's the two 'sister' fish, standoffish and reserved-- The 'clumsy swimmer,' a puffer fish that seemingly has troubles navigating the waters. Beautiful yellow and purple fish that not even art can do justice. A sleeping nurse shark that simply lays there, allowing for close scrutiny...
Don't forget the nefarious and menacing-looking barracudas that hang out over the sandy bottom flats-- like teenage thugs looking for trouble outside the local convenience store. And there's only one way to see and experience these sights -- Pro Dive Mexico. Their instructors are patient, understanding and come equipped with a wealth of Knowledge.

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