Friday, May 16, 2014

A Breeze-- Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There's something nice about packing light-- Simply tossing the Bermuda shorts, a few loose tee shirts and of course a pair of loose fitting flip-flops into a rolling duffle. Who doesn't love heading to the airport for a Florida Visit? Clear skies, toasty beaches, an unruffled sea-breeze floating in off the ocean... what more could anyone ask for?

In Fort Lauderdale there is something for everyone to enjoy.... sport fishing, seeing the sights, not to mention-- pier-side dining.
With plenty of discounted airfares and judging from all the packed flights-- Fort Lauderdale must be a popular destination. Even if you are just passing through Port Everglades for a Caribbean Cruise, be sure to spend at least a few days discovering all this coastal haven has to offer the savvy traveler.
Pack and Go--
There's nothing complicated about booking  a trip to Fort Lauderdale-- even the car rentals are easy. At Firefly Car Rental, a fledgling discount agency from Hertz-- you will find fares for as low as $80.00 a week. Although, there are a few caveats--
FireFly Car Rental is an offsite hub-- meaning you will have two Shuttle transfers from the airport terminal. Unfortunately one of the stops has you baking in the direct sunlight-- with no awning provided-- while you wait on a bus. So even though you want to be dressed nicely for your flight, be sure to dress comfortably.
Also-- Fire Fly proudly boast that they have a Plate Pass program that will allow you speedily bypass all of South Florida's toll roads-- Driver beware, you will be charged a hefty 4.95 daily fee if you use the service-- as well as the cost of the toll. And here's the hitch-- if you only use the Plate Pass one time-- you will incur this daily fee for every day you rented the car. Just take the added time and pay the tolls with cash... your wallet will thank you in the long run.
Pre Cruise:
Upon entering the lovely il Lugano Hotel you will be immediately struck by the modern design and art deco furnishings. This luxurious boutique hotel offers its guests breathtaking views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Smart travelers will have access to superb amenities and attractive suites outfitted with a near complete kitchen. Strong shower heads will blast off any residual ocean funk and the only thing the bathrooms aren't equipped with is a garden-style bath tub. The ocean is a close three block walk-- although they are more than happy to cart you there in a beach buggy.
Be sure to drop by their contemporary on-site Italian restaurant, Osteria... for their signature  appetizer, fresh pulled mozzarella-- the chef actually comes to your tableside and create this delicious, fun, and tasty indulgence.
And leave your auto-- they will even securely park your car for the entirety of your cruise.
Post Cruise:
The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa
This lavish hotel has long been favored by celebrities since the golden age of Hollywood-- Florida, that is... Beautiful, lavish and attention to detail at every turn. Clean lines and no gaps in the curtains will ensure the bright morning sunshine doesn't disturb your restful sleep. After a stay at the Westin Diplomat you know will truly come to understand the timeless idiom, 'the lap of luxury.'
However, resorts on this grand of scale-- cast large shadows... So make sure you get to the beach and pool early because the afternoon sun will quickly become eclipsed by the resorts large stature.
Also, don't hesitate to drop in their onsite 14,000 square foot, Heavenly Spa -- for a Signature Massage Treatment-- which is a unique blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue treatments.
Ways of the Water-
Swim with 'da Fishes
All you need is a set of fins, snorkel mask, and of course the highly trained professionals at The Number One Dive Shop in South Florida-- Sea Experience. For any outdoor enthusiast, snorkeling off the coast of Fort Lauderdale in the Atlantic Ocean is a one of a kind experience. This guided Snorkeling tour is perfect for beginners and anyone that craves a great adventure. Round-trip transportation and all equipment are provided.
Water Taxis
Get to resorts, shops and waterfront parks the trouble-free and practical way... by water taxi. On this leisure boating tour of Fort Lauderdale's inland waters you will be ferried past multi-million dollar mansions and awestruck by an endless array of docked yachts-- most larger in size than the average house.
With access to a myriad of Intra Coastal Waterways it's easy to see why the 'haves and the have-mores' consider-- Fort Lauderdale-- 'The Yachting Capital of North America.'
Chic Gone Wild-
In Fort Lauderdale there is no better place for shopping lovers to discover designer labels and the hottest trends than Las Olas Boulevard. Located in the heart of downtown, fashionistas stroll down brick alleyways lined with quaint shops and popular restaurants.
On occasion, they will even cordon off the Las Olas Shopping district for wickedly fun festivals-- like Wine and Dine samplings-- and even toss in a fashion show for good measure--

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