Thursday, July 18, 2013

Texas Two Steppin'

The Nancy Sinatra song goes, 'these boots were made for walking...' Well she may have well meant, 'for walking... all over Fort Worth Texas, because that is exactly what you'll do--'

All's you will have to do to enjoy a visit to this walker's paradise and cultured community is simply pack some comfortable shoes-- put one foot in front of the other, and walk to your heart's delight. Just rename this town 'Fit' Worth.

Whether you are in town on business or a family vacation, you will certainly appreciate Fort Worth's pedestrian-friendly and small town vibe. Merely mention DFW and often the focus will quickly be swallowed up by the Big D... But I say, for the true Texas experience- drop the 'D' and just head straight to the "FW.'

Getting There:

Considering the new US Airways/ American Airline merger as well as Southwest Airlines entering the fray at Charlotte Douglas Airport-- there are a multitude of ways to quickly, inexpensively and safely arrive in Texas.

Once there, you will want to be certain to have pre-booked your rental car arrangements-- as the cost of shuttles, taxis and private town car service journeying into Fort Worth can be astronomical.

Online, you will find a plethora of very inexpensive car rental rates-- some as low as $7.95, however this will not include the absurd and high airport fees they charge at DFW, the world's 4th largest airport in terms of operations.

Also be certain to take into account-- if you have downtown hotel accommodations you will get socked with a daily $20.00 valet service... Regardless, as with parking in any downtown environment-- I recommend you just store your car where you stay.

There's No Place Like Home:

For a centralized, down home stay in Fort Worth Texas look no further than The Ashton Hotel.
Nowhere else will you be treated to such personalized and friendly service. This first-class downtown hotel has the feel as if you are staying with that special family member.. .the one that greets you with open arms and genuine hospitality.

You can't help but marvel at The Ashton Hotel's lavish rooms which are spacious, inviting and come fully equipped with all the essential luxuries. Although The Ashton-Fort Worth is a historic property with a long and colorful past, renovations and upgrades ensure your stay will do nothing less than impress-- and leave you longing to return.

The Art March Is On:

Forth Worth incorporates a lively mix of sophistication, culture, and cowboys. The inherent beauty of Fort Worth is that it is masterfully designed, almost like boroughs in New York City. Each area has its own very distinctive atmosphere; and nowhere is this more apparent than The Cultural District.

Only a short drive from downtown, The Fort Worth Cultural District offers a lively sampling of sophistication, out of this world art and superb restaurants all in a walk-able vicinity. You'll find captivating artwork, first-rate museums and picturesque shops. The possibilities are not only endless but impressive in scale.

There are far too many quality museums to mention here but standouts include the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.  

Set time aside to satisfy your appetite at the exquisite Café Modern inside the Modern Art Museum.
They proudly feature the finest farm-to-table foods available. Trust me-- having tasted samplings at museum bistros the world over-- never have I enjoyed the creative cuisine more than I did at Café Modern.

Finally, a peaceful relaxed saunter through the beautiful Fort Worth Botanic & Japanese Gardens is certain to wind down and complete your breath-taking afternoon at the Fort Worth Cultural District. The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens interweaves its offerings in a picture perfect blend of spectacular plant life with an artistic flair.

Bull Riding, Calf-Roping & Rodeo Excitement:

Discover firsthand why all those classic western movies were made as no trip to Fort Worth Texas would be complete without touring the Stockyards--

Girls donning sundresses and cowboy boots, guys resembling James Dean from the movie 'Giant,' and little buckaroos all unabashedly roam the brick paved streets of the Ft Worth Stockyards. Nowhere else in this country has the American West been preserved so dutifully... there is even have a Longhorn Cattle drive twice daily.

The Stockyards offer a relaxing escape for people of all ages and authentically captures the Spirit of the Old West. Every Friday and Saturday night rodeo cowboys will be stirring up the dust in the local coliseum. All year long the rodeo is a proven crowd favorite and features some of the best competitors in the world, matching their skills and courage against untamed animals with spine tingling results.

Two Good Eats:

Riscky’s BBQ

The Fort Worth Stockyards serves up some of finest oven-roasted Beef Brisket- slathered in a mixture
of BBQ sauce- at Riscky’s BBQ. Long considered one of Fort Worth's most well-known barbecue restaurants, Riscky's prepares all of the true Texas favorites, barbecued flawlessly.

WATERS Bonnell’s Coastal Cuisine

In a land where steak and potato is king, Waters-- Coastal Cuisine appears to be going strong in its sleek fashionable restaurant in the West 7th District. Bonnell's offers a fresh quality, low calorie seafood fare to the ever increasing health-conscious and trendy Fort Worth crowd. This is a 'must go' place every time you visit Forth Worth... The Grilled Idaho Rainbow Trout With Wild Mushroom Compote and Asparagus is a delightful as well as succulent entree that will definitely leaving you eager for more.

Scat Jazz Nightlife:

Fort Worth after-dark should not be judged solely on the merits of Billy Bob’s Texas-- The World’s Largest Honky Tonk. Unfortunately or fortunately, the era of losing your man virginity to the mechanical bulls are now long considered a novelty.

Downtown Fort Worth boasts an amazingly vibrant and eclectic nightlife scene. Whether you enjoy live comedy, country and western music or cool jazz... this town has it all. I encourage you not to pass on Scat Jazz. This nightclub harkens back to the speakeasy days of prohibition.

Just getting to the Scat Jazz nightclub is an adventure within itself-- You begin by walking into a dimly lit alleyway (although mind you, very safe)... where you will be confronted by a large neon 'Scat Jazz' sign hovering above an isolated elevator door.

Press the elevator's button and climb inside the evaluator-- only to have one option- down.

After paying a nominal cover, two large doors will swing open and you will be welcomed into one of the hippest and most exciting Jazz clubs on the planet. And the music-- so original, so smooth and oh, so out of this world!

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