Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Island Time-- In No Time at All

Spring Break has come and gone--

Certainly you are feeling a little short changed and deprived, thanks in part to a frosty season-- Your days were used up nursing the flower beds and cranesbills, that you inadvertently planted early-- psych... And the evenings, to be sure were spent covering your Lowes Home and Garden investment in an effort to stave off frost-bite from the nights frigid squeeze.

Granted, you're in need and desire of a quick Spring Break fix, and rightfully so-- Well there is a swift tropical escape. where you can 'get-away from the everyday,' and bring it down a couple of notches... Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas.

What's the delay? Pack your bags and prepare to instantaneously transition to island time. Paradise Island is a taste of the slow life... where you can sway to steel drum rhythms, take in breathtaking panoramas and wade into crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Hop, Skip and Jump:

The Nassau Bahamas International Airport is an easily accessible and timely commute from practically every major airport on the eastern seaboard of the United States. A shorter trip to this tropical oasis, directly translates into more time for you to relax and get your Island Time groove on.

The efficient and attractive Lynden Pindling International Airport comes fully equipped with all the modern day conveniences of Jet ways and air-conditioning... Best of all, you can slide right through customs as they stagger incoming flights so rarely will you get bogged down in long, frustrating lines and delays.

An excellent option to getting ground transportation prior to your arrival-- and a good choice is-- Majestic Tours. Once at your resort property, you really will not require-- a rental car, as most attractions will be well within walking distance.


Balmy Bahamas:

Bask in affordable accommodations as well as have complete access to all amenities at the famed Atlantis Resort by booking your stay at The Comfort Suites-- Paradise Island.

Although their spacious guest suites aren't outfitted with a full kitchen, fortunately they do have spacious rooms and a pull-out couch which will snuggly fit a family of four.

This centrally located Paradise Island hotel is within walking distance to Atlantis Water Park and Casino, the shops at opulent Marina Village, as well as Water Taxis, which will transport you to Nassau Straw Market.


The Famed Atlantis Resort:

Now that you have slyly booked your reservations at the only hotel on the Island that offers a full access pass to the Atlantis Resort-- without actually paying the overhead of staying there-- enjoy the booty of your plunders... Get right over there-- as you have now embarked on a family friendly vacation which combines all the rest and charm of the Caribbean with the unchained excitement of the Atlantis Waterpark.

The entire park is committed to water fun, nature and open-air exhilaration. Each member of the family will rejoice at the insane number of pools, bodacious waterslides and being whisk along the lazy river. There is even rock climbing and a large labyrinth aquarium, for your recreation and inspiration.

Sandy Toes:

In the Bahamas you can even escape from your getaway by taking a pleasure tour to the remote Rose Island. Leave the tourist and mega-cruise ship passengers behind as you embark on an affordable charter to this tiny island hideaway. Great music and an awesome crew will meet you at the dock to usher you to an uninhabited island escape.

Spend the day, lounging on an isolated strip of sand as you soak in the majestic sky views or venture out on a private snorkeling experience. Alongside a little cantina, an inviting hammock will surely take your relaxation to the next level.


Dining in Nassau, Bahamas:

For years, through a combination of a freshly prepared menu and authentic Tuscany recipes, Luciano's of Chicago, has found its way into the hearts of the Bahamian locals as well as tourists. Tucked away on the harbor with romantic nighttime views of Atlantis, definitely add to the ambiance and the restaurant's warm ambiance.

Prepare to break bread for an amazing dining experience in an intimate dining surrounding. Luciano's masterful chefs prepare creative, seasonal specials that emphasize a made to order menu using authentic Italian cooking techniques.


Straw Market:

Since the early 18th century, vendors from all over the Bahamian Archipelago have converged on a little plot of land to sell their wares-- The Straw Market. Tee-shirts, trinkets, colorful knickknacks, and unique souvenirs can all be found at discounted rates.

Of course never pay the original asking price as everything is up for negotiation-- and it's all in good fun. But try not to low-ball them too much... everyone has to make a living, right?

The vendors are kind and friendly, and meandering through the maze of the Straw Market is all part or the warm fun-filled atmosphere-- A must is taxing the water taxi from paradise Island to the Market place-- The taxi's comical guide will point out many fun and interesting historical facts regarding Paradise Island and the Atlantis Resort.

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