Saturday, March 19, 2016

Remembering San Antonio

Sometimes you will find your travel inspiration- in the most unlikely of places... where you rediscover your passion to strip away the facade of a destination and get right to it... Well this holds true for warm, and inviting San Antonio, Texas. Once you arrive at this Lone Star Treasure,  you will experience a genuine hospitality that embraces and appreciates you for who you are.. Like a comfortable and accepting throwback to a bygone day -- as if you've made a friend for life.

San Antonio is a large city with a small town feel that perfectly manages to retain its cultural heritage. Peel back the city's machismo exterior,  and you will discover a gallant and gracious community that reminds us what is important in life- family, love and romance. Slowly unwrap each layer to discover San Antonio's wild side, the cultural wonders as well as the romantic nuances the city has to offer.

When in San Antonio plan on making a splash-- there's a myriad of waterways, water parks and even at SeaWorld you'll get wet. But take heart, the shade of Cypress -lined San Antonio River Walk will provide you the perfect respite for a romantic stroll, fine dining or great shopping.  There's only one catch, the further you get from San Antonio... the closer to your heart-- it becomes.

Getting Around

Rio Taxi

The easiest method for traversing the San Antonio waterways is on a Rio Water Taxi. There are ton of fun stops and a truly exciting way to take in San Antonio's historic sites as well as all the beautiful attractions. There's a downtown and museum reach which will run you a reasonable  $15.00 for a twenty-four hour pass. Also, you can conveniently purchase tickets on board.

Explore San Antonio the practical and inexpensive way on the Red or Blue Circulators-- thanks to the VIA transit service. This fleet of historic streetcar replicas stop at virtually every tourist attraction, hotels and restaurants in the downtown metro area. These whimsical and seemingly adventuresome trolley rides run frequently-- around every 20 minutes.

A full day fare is less than three US dollars and transfers to/from regular city bus lines are included. But don't be fooled with the 'Hop on Hop off' Red Trolley-- which provides a voice tour for a much more expensive rate of travel. Virtually the same experience without a lot of gab and expense.

Staying There

The Hotel Contessa

For an incomparable San Antonio stay make your reservations at the only four Diamond-  all suite- hotel located directly on the River Walk. This premier property is literally ten steps away from the famed  San Antonio  River Walk with easy access to shops, galleries and of course-  the Alamo.

 The Hotel Contessa blends old world charm with a new world touch. These little nuances make the property special,  from the stunning brushed metal chandeliers hand-crafted by Mexican artisans to the atrium's  beautiful design.

The management actually listens to what their guests are saying through social media and are quick to make adaptations to ever improve the guest's  experience  and their service.  No amenity is overlooked, and there's even a seasonally heated rooftop pool sauna-- always a favorite for well traveled feet and with the kids. With 10,000 sq. ft. of meeting space and a gorgeous ballroom, all wedding's beckon. Even San Antonio's fabled 'Marriage Island' is steps away from the properties veranda.

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk

For a touch of class and an ultra-sexy stay in San Antonio book your suite at the upscale Hotel Valencia Riverwalk. Centrally located in San Antonio's posh Theater District, the Hotel Valencia is nestled on a quiet, serene stretch of the river walk that actually accommodates a running path-- and trust me if you tried to take a jog on the main drag-- you will be taking a dip.

This boutique hotel is the place to stay as many celebrities and professional athletes will attest,  including J-lo and Kobe on their stopovers  through south Texas. Often selected by world travelling publications as one of the 5 top rated hotels in San Antonio, their VBar- complete with a DJ- rocks to standing room only crowds.

Enjoy the relaxing vibe of the Rotunda area which has a romantic motif that will draw you in and melt away the real world. If you are visiting San Antonio for a romantic weekend the Hotel Valencia will satisfy all your requirements with a wide array of boutique amenities that of course include complimentary Wi-Fi.

Things to do--

Take advantage of the spectacular San Antonio River views from either one these hotel's Juliet balconies during 'Fiesta.' Fiesta is San Antonio's ten day version of Mardi Gras- which runs April 14th -24th. It is one of the countries longest running and popular festivals-- which feature 'floats on boats.'

The Historic Pearl Brewery -

A daytrip to the Pearl Brewery District by water taxi will take you through the lock & dam which is an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Moss covered bridges and the smiles of passerby's makes your journey to the mixed use development serene and peaceful. Tiny waterfalls and a wide esplanade greet your arrival at this mixed use development, located minutes north of downtown San Antonio.  Home to cutting edge restaurants, independent boutiques and wide open spaces. There's a fun loving and energetic vibe, which is reflected in the upbeat....

The Alamo

The Alamo teaches us not to back down from an oppressive and unyielding government. "Remember the Alamo"  are three words etched into the collective conscious of every true blooded American.  They inspire all of us to draw a line in the sand, and dig in a little deeper for the beliefs we hold true. This hallowed piece of ground inspires all of us to confront the tyrannical bully with good grace and dignity, albeit in face of overwhelming odds. San Antonio reminds us that, although we may lose the battle... together we will win the fight.

Market Square

Colorful, vibrant, and loaded with bargains... You'll feel as if you've been transported to Play Del Carmen or Cancun at this historic downtown marketplace. Children readily line up for face painting, as the adults gleefully look on. Two of the city's best Mexican restaurants are here in Market Square and customers stack up waiting for a table. The merchants offer finely crafted ceramics, handmade leather goods and intricately woven dresses. There's something for everyone provided you take the time to find your hidden treasure and keepsake.


La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Don't waste your hard earn tourism dollars on inauthentic Mexican food on the River Walk. Head down to Market Square for the real deal- only the best Margarita and Mexican food San Antonio has to offer. And guess what-- it won't cost you an arm and a leg. La Margarita entrees are simple but as if they are prepared from the heart... The fajitas melt in your mouth and the enchiladas excite your taste buds. The service is timely and always with a smile.. Par for the course in lovely San Antonio.

La Gloria Ice House

Skip the Tex-Mex-- and get straight to the 'Mex.' This Pearl District Restaurant serves up out of this world, mind-blowingly delicious 'Street foods of Mexico.'  This Ice House is so cool it has even caught the eye of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas-- where they are promptly adding a La Gloria's to their casino.

What can you say about a restaurant that takes a seafood taco-- batters and deep fries it to mouthwatering perfection. Sure, may not be the best for your arteries-- but you don't go on vacation to diet... and heck this badboy entree is worth  burning off the calories with a walk back to the downtown hotel.            

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