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Parks and Recreation-- Anchorage Alaska

Through a unique combination of unspoiled nature and a multitude of family-fun activities-- Anchorage, Alaska offers the backdrop for a perfect summer vacation. You'll find every outdoor activity imaginable and more. But, let's be clear on this-- this is not a place of leisure-- we are talking recreation on steroids. Discover endless acreage of park lands, tree-lined nature trials, and landscaped gardens during your stay to this wildlife mecca.

 Anchorage city limits span nearly fifty miles, that's roughly the size of Delaware.  At every turn, the opportunities for exploration and adventure are never-ending. There are trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding... There's fishing, boating, and camping... However, always remain mindful of wandering moose or the omnipresent brown bear-- to mention a few.

Gateway To Alaska
The most frequently used port of entry and departure for international flights into Alaska, is Anchorage's-- Ted Stevens International Airport. What the airport lacks in style, it makes up for with convenience. It is simple to navigate, not too large and passengers are never far from their gate.

Take public transportation directly out of the terminal to your downtown hotel. Since the airport is located a scant four miles from the city center, at $7.50 the short bus ride is a less expensive alternative than a local taxi ($25.00).

Copper Whale Inn
Whether you are traveling through or planning to visit Anchorage for several days, staying at this bed and breakfasts is an outstanding option. Treat yourself to a refreshing night's stay at the Copper Whale Inn situated in the heart of Anchorage and only a stone's throw from the Cook Inlet. The B&B's rustic appeal combined with a fresh costal breeze make this a relaxing retreat that offers the weary traveler peace of mind. Elfin ponds and waterfalls all add to the charm of the properties multi-colored gardens as well as rejuvenate your spirit. Choose from rooms offering private baths or many other unique amenities.

Re-live a more simple time as you sit on the patio with sipping your morning coffee. At this charming Bed and Breakfast you will able to explore, unwind and take pleasure in popular Anchorage, Alaska. Complimentary continental breakfast is served from 6:45–10 a.m.

Anchorage Excursions-
For a healthy dose of Alaskan hospitality visit the campy downtown visitor center with the grass-sod roof. They won't steer you wrong. Word has it-- if you are lucky, and stop in at the right time-- you may even catch a glimpse of the man, the myth--the living legend, Jack Booney.

Portage wildlife and glaciers
Sometimes-- seeing a small glacier up close and personal is more advantageous than seeing a large glacier from a great distance. All aboard the m/v Ptarmigan for one hour roundtrip cruise with fantastic views of the face of Portage Glacier. This pleasant scenic boat ride on the Portage Lake includes narration from the National Forest Service.
After you return stop and shop for valuable keepsake and children's mementos at the Begich-Boggs Visitor Center. The gangway to the vessel is wheelchair accessible and safe for children of all ages.

Bike Anchorage Multi-Use Trails
For an inexpensive and adventuresome afternoon-- venture out on bike ride along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.  This trail is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, even horseback riding.  Bike rental kiosks line the city streets and it's quite easy to navigate the ten mile trail which follows the coast of Anchorage or one of the hundred and forty miles of paved trails the city has to offer. All of which are shared-use paths-- so if you have a hankering to huff them on feet or inline skates-- suit up to your hearts healthy desire.

Save Endangered Species
At the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, you will find yourself mastering the art of wildlife photography. Creating powerful wildlife images is a breeze in the stress-free confines of this hundred-acre nature preserve. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center also rescues and rehabilitates native wild animals that are orphaned or have been injured.

Located at the entrance of the Portage Valley...  so needless to say, a visit here is in close proximity as well as an outstanding accompaniment with your glacial cruise outing. To bring out the next generation of conservationist in your child, simply pay the cost of admission: $12.50 for Adults and $9.00 Children & Seniors.

Snow City Café
Popular is an understatement... the locals are jawing about this downtown brunch spot before the airplane even lands in Anchorage. With menu items like Stuffed French Toast & Ship Creek Benedict-- poached eggs, over smoked salmon cakes... you  know this hotspot is not to be missed. Best of all the restaurant is right around the corner from the Copper Whale Inn... so just forgo their pedestrian breakfast of cereal and bananas and dine here every morning of your stay.

Glacier BrewHouse
The name says it all... handcrafted brews and fresh Alaskan seafood. The Glacier BrewHouse has acquired a strong reputation for quality menu offerings and a great value. You can't go wrong stopping in for a night of fine dining and revelry with family and friends here.  In a city known for its fresh seafood, the BrewHouse tops the list of upscale restaurants. From moist and tender Halibut fillet to Salmon, you'll will find every imaginable Alaskan fish entrees at this eatery.

The Kobuk
This coffee and gift shop serves-- amazingly good-- homemade donuts. The donuts have a slightly crispy exterior while the cinnamon-sugar frosting keeps them light, and moist on the inside. Located in the historic Kimball's Store, dating back to 1915. Find your way to this little known gem, it's worth the effort.

The Bake Shop
In the mountain town of Girdwood, lunch at the Bake Shop, Girdwood. a home-style restaurant that offers healthy dishes and made from scratch, too. They offering specialty cakes and homemade desserts, some even with healthy ingredients. The Bake Shop is renowned for it Famous Sweet Roll-- melt in your mouth and one will feed a family of four. 

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