Friday, February 13, 2015

Roll Out the Red Carpet-- Playa del Carmen

It's all part of the travel experience. Boarding the plane... Passengers squeezing between tight aisles-- Luggage straps snagging on armrests-- Cramming the duffle bag into the overhead bin. A flight attendant's reassuring smile. The smell of the airplane's lavatory permeating the already stale cabin air. On the airplane's monitors-- waves crash on some random exotic beach... and that portends something good.

Getting pushed back from the gate, in a matter of hours you will arrive at your sought after breezy and balmy destination. Judging from the packed 767 flight, everyone must be well aware of the intrinsic beauty and hospitality of the Mayan Riviera. Upon approach to the Cancun Airport the Caribbean Sea grows shallow and the water becomes more turquoise. 

Each of us like to relax in their own way and at our own pace... Well on a Playa del Carmen getaway you can do just that... Whether you like to get toasty on the beach, take a little longer at the food bar or linger a little longer at the Cantina--  Regardless, the Mayan Riviera offers each of us something on our pathway to rest, relaxation and recreational nirvana.
But be advised, between the ancient Ruins, Cenotes, and tantalizing beautiful underwater sea life...  a long weekend's stay will only scratch the surface of what this tropical jewel has to offer.
Getting There
Since you will find yourself returning again and again, you may as well familiarize yourself with making quick work of the Cancun International Airport. After what seems to be a relatively short domestic flight will land you in the tropical climate of the Mayan Riviera. This is the second-largest airport in Mexico and serves more than 10 million passengers per year. The airport is located 31 miles from Playa del Carmen.
On your way out of the airport, many tour and  timeshare sales people descend on you and for some inexplicable reason, you feel obligated to talk with them-- well you don't. Proceed directly to the airport exit doors where you will find the awaiting shuttle operators either holding a sign with your family's name or their clearly marked logo.
Transportation rates are to Playa del Carmen are an affordable $31US per person. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, simply contact the transportation vendor-- either by email or phone-- to update them with your new flight arrangements. Tipping the driver is recommended but at your discretion.
For the ideal romantic retreat in Playa Del Carmen do not hesitate to book your  accommodations at the luxurious beachfront Royal Hideaway. Pampering and graciousness are par for the course at this adults only resort. This is where you can be seen -- but other guests are not heard. This place is as intimate as it is stately. There is a reason they have so many repeat clients-- considering the high level of style and sumptuous comforts.
Nestled in a gated and secure community, the sixteen year old Royal Hideaway Playacar was the community's first all-inclusive resort. You can't go wrong considering the temperate ocean breeze, attentive service and air conditioned rooms-- so good your sunglasses fog with condensation upon leaving the suite. You could easily spend a month at this property, which would unfortunately feel like a week. Or a week, which would feel like a few days.
There's an overly attentive concierge for each bungalow-- to meet whatever vacation whim or protocol you might have-- six gourmet restaurants, and nightly entertainment on an impressive scale.
The Royal Hideaway's Chef's Table-
You've seen all the top cooking shows... You've waited for this day since you've booked your vacation.... You probably had trouble sleeping the night before due to the sheer anticipation of treating your taste buds to the experience of a lifetime. Finally, now is the one of a kind opportunity to be welcomed into the inner sanctum of an International Master's operating room.
The dining experience includes an exquisite multi-course private dinner hosted by one of Mexico's most esteemed culinary wizards, Executive Chef Eugenio Villafaña. He is world renowned for his inspirational blending of up-to-the-minute and traditional cuisine... Without question, you'll find this to be a treasure of your vacation.
However, doesn't come without a cost-- $250 extra per person.
Get your Hibachi on...
A Japanese steak house at a Mexican all inclusive resort-- yes, you guessed it! At another one of the Royal Hideaway's six gourmet restaurants, guests will delight as a Teppanyaki chef prepares succulent steak, chicken, and seafood dishes. In accordance to the ancient Hibachi style of food preparation and all the qualities of a perfect dining experience. Enjoy the finest in steak and seafood skillfully prepared and presented with great flair by a over a table top grill.
You won't pay extra for this foodie delight-- but there are only two serving times nightly so to make your reservations as early as possible-- Check in is as good of time as any.
Go Holistic or Go Home--
For stress release, and pain management, awaken your inner healing at the Royal Hideaway's Luxury Spa. Drawing on techniques from many traditions, a holistic treatment aids your body in mending itself and increases your well-being. As for that matter-- why opt on a fifty minute massage, when you can have eighty... it's not as though you have anything else going on.
No need to scuba to go deep-- your massage therapists soft hands will guide you into the far reaches of the cosmos--  mysteries of the universe will soon be revealed. Walk away feeling brain dead, yet on the pathway to personal enlightenment.
Xcaret- México Espectacular
As evening unfolds, relaxation will set in at one of Playa del Carmen's wildly popular dinner shows. Combining stage combat, special effects and aerial theatrics the México Espectacular is one of the top rated attractions to take your family on a Mayan Riviera vacation. This dinner theatre extravaganza will help you feel connected to the Mayan culture in a way that you never knew was possible.
Gain a deeper appreciation of the Mexican heritage through music, song and dance as well as taking in a delicious entree. That's what happens when dinner and theater collide at the Xcaret Eco-archeological Park.
If you get there early-- don't miss the Equestrian Show and lariat spinning exhibition. The México Espectacular Dinner show runs at least two hours long and approximately $49US per person.
What happens in Playa...
With all this laid back approach to your vacation, you naturally will want to mix it up a little and kick up your heels. A night at the legendary discothèque Coco Bongo will have you and the throng of other tourists basking in glow of neon strobes & hopping to deep bass rhythms.
Tecate and tequila will assuredly be flowing, but the prices are reasonable to enjoy an evening of mischief-- complete with all the best clubbing songs. But the most booty shaking will be on the dance floor's top tier... That's right, this venue seemingly recreates a Mayan Temple where everyone feels connected the stage show.
Well. it's getting near dawn and your trip is drawing to an end-- no troubles, simply means it is time to book your next trip to the Mayan Riviera.

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