Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dreaming in Rome

In Rome-- love, romance, and history are all wonderfully interwoven into a tapestry that will create for a unforgettable vacation. From tossing a coin into the mystical Trevi Fountain or ascending the steep slope of Spanish Steps-  countless reminders of the ancient Roman civilization greet you at every turn.

History serves as the backdrop to a city buzzing with energy, modern-day sophistication and the commerce of Rome's city center. By embracing their legacy, the denizens of Rome have dutifully preserved the city's authenticity and unique historical feel-- and in the process, fashioned the ultimate travel destination.

Recharge the soul on the trip of a lifetime to this first-class city nestled in the heart of Italy.
Deals Abound...
With the recent merger of the two power players in the airline industry-- US Airways and American Airlines-- and contrary to popular belief, air fare deals abound. From last minute deals-- to blockbuster competitor pricing-- make no mistake about it-- airlines need to fill seats. Regardless of how you choose to arrive at your European destination, getting to Rome has never been easier.
From Rome's Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport Guide (FCO)-- you have a myriad of transportation options that will get you safely to the City Center--
The Metro Rail runs service every thirty minutes and costs a scant fourteen Euro. The COTRAL Public Buses take a seemingly forever-- hour long trip to get to the downtown area, but only run five Euro per person. Count on Taxi Service deducting fifty euro from your travel budget, for the twenty five minute journey to your hotel.
When in Rome...
With over 2977 properties available in Rome you won't be at a loss to find a room for a night or two... However, just a 10-minute walk from the Roma Termini Station is the centrally located Rome Life Hotel. For an  affordable and a satisfying vacation in Rome, be sure to book your accommodations at this property-- only half a mile jaunt from the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and other major sightseeing  opportunities.
The stylish rooms are streamline, and feature all the essential  modern day amenities-- including a private bathroom. With a roof-top terrace providing stunning views of your Italian surroundings, free internet, and air-conditioned rooms you can't go wrong staying at the Rome Life Hotel.

The Rome Life Hotel caters your health-conscious side with hypoallergenic mattresses, and a complimentary breakfast-- featuring organic dairy and gluten-free options. For that added European Touch each room is outfitted with a tea pot and an assortment of herbal teas. Also my favorite an In-room Safe.

The Vatican City
No visit to Rome would be complete without an afternoon visit to the official residence of the Pope-- The Vatican City. Once inside St. Peter's Basilica, you will be instantly awe-struck by the unparalleled artwork of the Renaissance masters. One can spend hours marveling evocative paintings, inspirational cathedral domes and of course the emotive sculpture, 'The Pieta--'
Keep in mind- when visiting the Vatican, lines into the Sistine Chapel-- for instance, can be grueling and long... Your best option is to book a tour, this will fast track you through the awaiting throngs of masses hoping to catch a glimpse of Michelangelo's fresco, The Creation of Adam. Bite the bullet on this one-- the tour operators quite possibly will pick your party up at the hotel or another convenient location--
Also, don't miss the photo opportunity of a lifetime by snapping off a few shutters of colorful and timeless Swiss Guardsman--
From fine leather products to the sophistication of Dior--the fashion in Rome is at its best.  The look here is ultra chic--dark shades, the finest leather shoes & bags, and of course the trendiest coats--it's a look that sets the pace for the rest of the world to follow.
Whether you are looking for haute couture, old world collectibles, or unique home furnishings-- have confidence that in Rome you can find what you are looking for... and even take in wonderful historical statues and fountains as you meander through the downtown cobblestone streets. In Rome there a numerous districts that create for a shopaholic's paradise.
One of the main centers for shopping in Rome is The Via Del Governo Vecchio where you will discover untold  fashion bargains, including jewelry. Cluttered with traditional, chic boutiques, these shops stay open late and host an antiques fair. Not to mention there are many art galleries and antique shops nearby.
In the historic district, another major marketplace for antiques is the Via del Babuino. This well known street is home to many designer clothing outlets the highly regarded store, 'Alberto di Castro--' a great place to purchase some stunning lithographs.
Fine Dining
Located in one of the most beautiful streets of the historic center of Rome is the restaurant, Life. Lending a brilliant sense of intimacy to your a romantic atmosphere, the restaurant has three quaint dining areas-- as well as an outdoor terrace which is open all year for lunch or dinner.
Exceptional hospitality and service is complemented by the Ristorante Life's casual and fun atmosphere. Innovative gourmet Italian cuisine and splendid ambiance transform your Roman dining experience into a night to remember.
Their masterful chefs prepare their culinary delights using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. and homemade bread, pastas. Even the fish are freshly caught in the Tyrrhenian Sea and chosen with care at a daily auction and  the meats are hand selected from one of Rome's the best butchers.
A notable stand out is the tenderloin filet with black truffles from Norcia, Italy. 

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