Thursday, July 18, 2013

Freewheeling in Denver

Denver, Colorado is a vibrant city comprised of passionate individuals concerned with creating a high quality of life for themselves, their families, and visitors to their bustling community. All of Denver's distinct neighborhoods, including Downtown, Capitol Hill, Larimer Square, LoDo, and the Highlands... have their own fancy-free and footloose personality.

Once considered the gateway to Colorado-- Denver has emerged as a superb travel destination all unto itself. With crisp and energizing mountain air, comfortable open spaces as well as panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains-- Denver has to be considered one of America's most attractive cities.
After a weeklong visit to the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, complete with amazing restaurants, exquisite shopping and a wild night-life... you very well may require oxygen.

Community in Motion
My favorite and faithful method of transportation always proves to be the best when landing at Denver's International Airport-- Take the reliable and inexpensive Super Shuttle into your Downtown accommodations. Reservations can be made on a dime and their drivers always remain safe and courteous.

Once you are in the downtown area the RTD provides non-emission buses, light rail and commuter-rail transit services which connect people to destinations throughout this environmentally-conscious community.

The Curtis Boutique Hotel
This stylish, and trendy downtown hotel is centrally, and ideally located -- virtually within walking distance of community parks, shopping and exquisite dining Denver has to offer. For added 'je ne sais quois,' hula-hoops stylishly adorn the wall behind check-in desk at this mod-n-hip boutique hotel... Apparently if you can impress the staff with your hoopster abilities you will receive added incentives to your stay.

The Curtis Hotel in Denver is a whimsical themed-floor hotel that was recently featured on the hit television show 'Ellen.' Each floor at The Curtis has its own separate and distinct theme-- I had the dubious honor of staying on the floor-- which paid homage to the horror movie genre... In typical Curtis fashion, when you arrive at this floor, the elevator door springs opens-- Jack Nicholson's voice bellows out a line in the movie, The Shining-- ''Here's Johnny...'

You can't help but smile with delight at every nuance and detail this hotel puts forward into charming their guests-- They even allow for dogs-- but as meticulously clean and fresh smelling these rooms are -- you would never know it.

Larimer Square

This enchanting neighborhood block is lined with ornate Victorian buildings and an ideal place to spend a late afternoon or at twilight. Stroll unhurriedly through their quaint specialty shops, take a happy hour break at one of the several charming bistros or an early dinner at one of the great little eateries that reside there.

In the evening decorative and outdoor string lighting cascades across the street, woven intricately to cast a mystical and romantic aura to your LoDo shopping experience. A special note of honorable mention: Make sure you stop in The Market at Larimer Square to sample some of their homemade and tasty desserts.

The 16th Street Walking Mall

The pedestrian-friendly 16th Street Mall is an expanse of street that city planners wisely have cut off from normal automobile traffic. People happily meandering and stroll hand in hand, up and down the two mile stretch of road. Lined with souvenir shops, restaurants-- this is the place to find all the necessities you will need for your stay in Denver..

The only vehicles you will find on the 16th Street Mall are FREE eco-friendly buses --which once again move people easily up and down the expanse.... where you can hop on or off at your leisure.

The City of Denver has lined this avenue with colorfully painted pianos... That's right, anyone can plunk down at an available bench and play. What a joy to sit in, start up or just listen to an impromptu jam session-- and believe me the musicians that plops down at the benches of these ivory keyboards are very talented-- or bad... Hey, it's Denver- no one is putting on airs and whatever your skill level from chopsticks to Rachmaninoff-- it's okay.

Lou’s Food Bar

This affordable restaurant serves up refined American cuisine that delight the taste buds with bold flavors unequaled freshness of farm to table ingredients. Their healthy portion sizes are reasonably priced so they don't gouge the customers like so many other restaurants of this quality.

Delicious entrees are set off with a French flair and soothing cocktails take the edge off your day at this award-winning Frank Bonanno restaurant. Lou’s Food Bar buzzes with a hospitable charm and their inviting dining room is complemented by outstanding service. It is easy to understand why Lou’s Food Bar stands out as a local Denver favorite.


For a fresh and fanciful evening out, get to the LoHi neighborhood and experience how the locals have fun... Linger Eatery resides in the building which once a mortuary, and has been converted into a neighborhood restaurant complete with its own very unique rooftop patio allowing you to take in a one of a kind view of the Denver cityscape.

For even added quirkiness and excitement-- somehow they managed to plunk a recreational vehicle on top of the building and converted the trailers living area into a bar-- from which their mycologists conjure up some incredible specialty drinks. Whacky I know, but a fun night out with that special someone...


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