Thursday, January 24, 2013

Saint Lucia Steal Away

Now that the New Year has kicked off, the prioritization of your newfound resolutions have begun. Topping everyone's list (I'm sure) is getting rid of disorder, complications and breaking free of worry.

There's definitely a trick to restoring clarity to our daily lives as well as achieving more control over the frenzy of our household responsibilities, and office chaos. However, solving this age old riddle is a simple one-- and it begins with a Saint Lucia Steal Away.

St. Lucia is defined by its comfortable year-round climate, law-abiding citizens and secluded white sand beaches. This avocado shaped island is a scant 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, which could actually fit snuggly into Hawaii's Waimea Canyon. Considering the lush tropical habitat and two imposing mountain peaks, St Lucia actually resembles a Hawaiian Island rather than one of its Caribbean counterparts.

Getting Around

There are several options when it comes to reaching your resort once you arrive at St. Lucia's Hewanorra International Airport (UVF). They include taxi, public bus, private shuttle or a rental car. Be forewarned the shuttles and taxis in St. Lucia often travel at breakneck speed on worn, congested as well as treacherously curvy roads.

To avoid feeling like you are a part of the new Discovery Reality Television series entitled, 'Most Dangerous Roads-- The Caribbean Edition,' I would suggest renting a cab... This is your best alternative when it comes to reeling in your driver and ensuring they throttle back on the accelerator. For a safe, reliable, and conscientious commute, be sure to look up Tim's Transport Inc.

Staying There

When arranging your St Lucia Steal Away look no further for accommodations than Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort. This is the perfect resort to take part in a plethora of activities or just kick back and soak in mind-blowing views of the Caribbean Sea.

Do yourself a favor and save some vacation moolah by storing up on the groceries, as many of their hotel rooms are equipped with a full kitchen. Also, just as their name implies, this is a resort that revolves around scuba diving... as well as where you can return to the comfort of your room nestled amongst tranquil surroundings after spending the day on an award-winning beach.

The Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort is perfect for a dreamy steal-away on the beautiful island of St Lucia as well as reasonably priced at just $125.00 US and up.

Eating Out

Perched on the hillside overlooking Marigot Bay, is one of St. Lucia's most well-regarded restaurants, The Rainforest Hideaway. The restaurant proudly boast that the celebrated author James Michener referred to Marigot Bay as, 'The most beautiful bay in the Caribbean..." but then again after a few of their healthy rum punches, I'd challenge anyone to disagree.

The Rainforest Hideaway's classically trained chef presents a mixture of French and Caribbean cuisine in an intimate atmosphere that is ideal for a romantic outing. The delicious fusion cuisine combined with friendly customer service and dramatic vistas create for a sensational dining experience.

Prepare For Wind

The tiny island of St Lucia boasts some of the finest sailing in the world... After all, it is part of the Windward Archipelago. Steady trade winds and warm water combine to make conditions ripe for great sailing. So that means the breeze is up, and it's time to get out and hit the water. Unplug yourself from the vices of modern technology and find your magical upwind groove. Tack and jibe yourself to inner happiness and peace.

Charter your own private sailboat for a half day and explore the coast of this beautiful Windward Island. Sailing is truly a one of a kind way to experience the splendor and magnificence of St. Lucia. Fuel a lifetime of nostalgia by sightseeing unspoiled exotic locations such as Marigot Bay, the Pitons Peaks, Pigeon Island National Park and Anse Cochon Marine Reserve in a way you never knew was imaginable.

Ayurvedic Rituals

Relieve modern-day stress and ailments by enjoying an invigorating mind and body revitalization Shirodhara Therapy experience. Designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion, Ayurvedic Therapy begins with a head massage followed by a gentle flow of lukewarm aromatherapy oils poured directly onto the forehead.

Relax as your practitioner soothingly massages you neck, shoulder, hands and feet paying extra attention to the stress-busting points on the face. The rejuvenating Shirodhara Therapy can be combined with other treatments such as body wraps, salt glows, or steam therapy for mitigating stress and blocked channels in the central nervous system. Reset your mental clarity and feel years younger after a visit to the treasured Anse Chastanet Spa.

Some Bubbling Action

St. Lucia is one of the world's premier destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling. Thanks in part to the islands volcanic nature and exotic coves there are a large number of spectacular wall drop-offs and coral reefs. If you're planning on visiting the warm clear waters of St. Lucia go ahead and make it a 'scuba friendly' holiday. Whether you are a novice to the scuba world or a diving expert-- you'll crave searching for underwater treasures, swimming with turtles, and discovering sunken shipwrecks.

The professionals at Scuba Steve's dive shop introduce you to all of the shallow reefs and wonderful wrecks there are to explore just beneath the waves.

Soufriere Sulfur Springs

Create a unique memory on a fun-filled and healthy outing by visiting the Soufriere Sulfur Springs. The strong smell of sulfur permeates your arrival to this drive-in volcano and the mud bath.

Be sure to bring along your swimsuit as you will take a dip into a pool of very hot black water. Splatter and cover yourself and your partner with mud created by volcanic ash that will exfoliate the skin and draw impurities from the body.

Set at the base of a dormant volcano these mineral-rich sulfur springs are said to bring relief for painful swelling or joint pain.

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