Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Faithful Followers, Casual Readers and Travel Enthusiasts, hello-

I'm happy to say, as well as proud to announce that in the first week since its inception, three North Carolina Newspapers have already picked up the fresh, new monthly travel column 'Flying Standby with Mark Vanek.'
Here is a facsimile of how 'Break from the Beaches this Spring' appeared in The Gaston Gazette this past Sunday, when it ran as a full page article in their Lifestyle Section.
Be sure to call your local newspaper… Ask for it by name, and with a little of your help, this feature will be Coming to a News Stand near you!
Thanks again for your kind words and strong support!
If you are an Editor, Publisher, or Television Producer that would like to showcase this entertaining monthly column and/ or inquire about booking a personal appearance on your program… feel free to contact me:

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